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News: Mario Vs Donkey Kong DS this March


The age-old fight between man and beast continues on March 9.
Mario Vs Donkey Kong: March of the Minis will finally be making its way to European shops - for those of you who didn't import the American version months ago.

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Did you know? 333MHz is officially unlocked


PSP owners have been hotly anticipating an official unlock of PSP's full capabilities. The system runs at 222MHz, 1/3 less than what the system is capable of. But, did you know that ever since firmware 3.0, the PSP has been running at 333MHz? Yes, it's true ... but the system only runs at maximum speed for emulated PSone games.
What? Didn't the original PlayStation run at 33MHz? Yes, it's true. So why does the PSP have to run ten times faster to run PSone games? Well, software emulation is pretty complex stuff (ask the people at Microsoft: they know a little something with Xbox 360's backwards compatibility). With Sony having unlocked the PSP's full clock speed, will wee see other games take advantage? I'm sure a studio like Ready at Dawn can do some truly amazing things.
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New Zealand Story Revolution DS screenshot blowout



Many more here

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Do PSP games on PS3 cause a threat?


Via PSPfanboy
Sony seems to be having a bit of a problem. They have a portable system that is a success, but not by any means their main product. Then they have a new console that desperately needs games any way it can get them. Obviously they need to compete on the high end next gen game front, but they also need to compete against the Virtual Console and Xbox Live Arcade. Without the backlog of games like Nintendo or the head start of Microsoft, they seem to be turning to a questionable source for their downloadable games; the PSP.
The obvious issue with PSP games going to PS3 is that it begins to negate the reasons for a consumer to own both. Sure, right now it's a Gripshift and a Tekken, but what happens if the trend just continues? Sure, this would strengthen the PlayStation Network, but at the cost of PSP exclusives. This is just not acceptable when the PSP still has a long way to go to establish itself.
If Sony does insist on continuing to take games from the PSP library to the PS3, than it needs to change how it does so. Microsoft announced Live Anywhere quite some time ago, but we're still waiting for the day when we can play Xbox Live Arcade games on the go. Part of the reason is that Microsoft doesn't yet have a portable gaming system, but Sony does. Why not have it so if I download Gripshift on the PS3 I can download it to my PSP as well free as charge. For games that require progress, it would be great if I was able to share saves between my PSP and PS3. Maybe this is part of Sony's eventual plans anyway, but until I can buy Tekken on my PSP and continue it on my PS3 or vice-versa, it seems like a missed opportunity.
It could just be that this is a temporary solution and as more developers jump on board the PlayStation Network, Sony will stop relying on PSP games as downloadable content. Even if this is the case though, it still seems like a dangerous road for Sony to travel. It could just be that I'm overreacting though. What do fellow PSP owners think of this development?

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Crazy Taxi: Alive and Well on the PSP



It may look a bit fuzzier and a tad more jagged than you remember, but Sega's excavating Crazy Taxi out of its shallow grave and onto the PSP with the help of Sniper Studios. Titled Crazy Taxi: Fare Wares, it's essentially a best-of compilation, including maps and mini-games from Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2 with none of that lackluster Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller nonsense. There's even an ad-hoc multiplayer mode thrown in for good measure.

However, it remains to be seen how the game's frantic pace will translate to the PSP's sometimes meddlesome d-pad and analog stick or if nasty load times will interrupt the action. If nothing else, it certainly sounds like the best portable Crazy Taxi yet, though given the competition that's not really saying much.

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The Fare Frenzy Returns With SEGA's Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars For The PSP® System

All-New Multiplayer Modes and Features for Cabbies on the Go

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO (January 11, 2007) – SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars coming exclusively to the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. All-new twists have been included in the classic Crazy Taxi experience including for the first time, multiplayer modes that allow two people to play cooperatively or competitively. Now gamers can relive the addictive, action packed gameplay of the original Dreamcast games, Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2, on the go. Hang up those fuzzy dice and register for a cabbie license this Summer with Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars developed by Sniper Studios.

Only skilled cabbies need apply for Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars, where drivers need to be more aggressive than ever to earn the big money by speeding fares to their destination, no matter what the obstacles. Brand new multiplayer gameplay features provide endless entertainment, players can steal passengers from other cabbies by bumping their opponent’s car creating chaotic competition on the road! Navigating through traffic, hills, and obstacles isn’t easy, so it takes a skilled cabbie with no fear to earn the big bucks. Players can drive through the two original maps of Crazy Taxi, the arcade map and the original Dreamcast map, both inspired by the steep hills, trademark cable cars, and breezy waterfront of San Francisco. Then they’ll head for the Small Apple maps in Crazy Taxi 2, which is inspired by New York’s large building fronts, hectic downtown streets, and the city’s famous Central Park and subway system.

“We’ve often thought that the sublime playability of our Crazy Taxi franchise was perfectly suited to the PSP format. Now with new gameplay features and including superb multiplayer modes we’re really confident that gamers will agree” commented Matt Woodley, Creative Director SEGA Europe. “The heady mix of competitive gameplay and vibrant graphics makes this a winner, in my humble opinion!”

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars offers cabbies several single player modes including the mission-based Arcade mode, where skilled drivers earn time bonuses, and Time Trial mode where drivers collect the highest fares possible in the time allowed. In addition, for cabbies to practice their crazy driving skills, two mini-game training modes are available. They include Crazy Box, a collection of 16 original Crazy Taxi mini-games and Crazy Pyramid, mini-games arranged in a pyramid that drivers must complete to unlock more mini-games from Crazy Taxi 2.

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars introduces new multiplayer modes for two cabbies to collaborate or compete wirelessly via Ad Hoc. Drivers can also record and save gameplay replays of their driving performance in Crazy Taxi 2 on the PSP system's memory stick to replay and show off.

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Rune Factory coming to US


Natsume Inc., a worldwide publisherof interactive entertainment software, today announced plans to publish Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon for the Nintendo DS™ and Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon for the PSP® (PlayStation® Portable). Both titles are expected to ship in North America during the 2nd quarter of 2007.

Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon and Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon are based on the popular series of Harvest Moon, where one must build and cultivate a farm while at the same time build a life with family and friends. However, these two titles offer new and exciting differences from the Harvest Moon franchise with new worlds.

“Natsume is very excited to be releasing these two all-new titles that are part of the Harvest Moon universe, but are very different from past released Harvest Moon games,” remarked Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume Inc. “In
addition to our traditional Harvest Moon franchise that fans have come to love, we hope these two new franchises will expand the Harvest Moon universe by offering great stories and top-quality game play!”

Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

You awaken to find yourself in an unfamiliar village with no memory of who you are or how you arrived. Mist, a beautiful young woman comes to your aid and helps you start to build a life for yourself…on a farm. Till the land, grow crops, raise animals, catch fish and battle monsters! Battling against fierce beasts is very important for your survival, but making friends with them is essential for your farm life. Your life on the farm slowly starts to reawaken your memories of the past…

Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon

Dr. Hope, an old scholar lives on an island in the southern hemisphere. You are his son and your father has set you on a journey to the ancient ruins to try and run a farm. With technology being as advanced as it is, many have forgotten what it is like to grow something or take care of a living animal. It is your father’s dream that you will unlock the secrets of the ancient ruins and find the meaning of “life”. Grow crops, care for livestock, interact with the many villagers and explore a futuristic world as you try to unlock the many mysterious surrounding you.

Huge thanks to Ryosagi for the heads up!


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Pink, Blue and Silver Firmware 1.5 for Sale at SuccessHK


SuccessHK one of the worlds best importers of Consoles have today announced the sale of Firmware version 1.5 consoles of the new Blue, Pink and Silver colours, the price of them is $221 each.
I wouldnt think that the PSPs come shipped from the factory with v1.5 on but well they are selling version 1.5s, so for those of you who want to try Homebrew on the PSP this is an excellent time to get a brand new PSP that you can either keep at v1.5 or upgrade to the now preffered v2.71.
Buy Pink v1.5 PSP
Buy Blue v1.5 PSP
Buy Silver v1.5 PSP

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See where MGS soldiers are hiding


As you can see from the map above, Hideo Kojima's plan to launch a secret army in Japan is working quite well. A new service uses Google Maps to show you the points of interest you'll want to hit in order to recruit new characters via Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops' unique and innovative GPS mode. Although an English language version of this service is supposedly "coming soon," I wouldn't be surprised if it never saw the light of day: certainly, it would be a far more demanding undertaking to travel across the entirity of America in order to unlock as many characters as possible.
Of course, the true Metal Gear fans have already started their cross-country trek.
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Japanese Wario Site Explains It All


batwario.jpgWhile North Americans get Wario Ware Smooth Moves this week, the Japanese are gearing up for the greedy one's next DS outing, Kaitou Wario the Seven. Coming to the states as Wario: Master of Disguise, the game features traditional Wario-style platforming, but with sexy DS gimmickry. Wario must overcome obstacles using one of seven disguises, including Thief Wario, Bat Wario, Torpedo-riding-pirate Wario and Cosmic Wario. Use the stylus to draw shapes and icons for a quick change.

The official Japanese site has clips of each required stylus technique to put Wario in different outfits, showcasing each costume's powers. You can even watch the rare Nintendo DS non-non-game's commercial here.

The localized version ships in March, so put your pre-orders in now. Is my Wario fanboyism showing yet? Michael McWhertor


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Ys: The Ark of Napishtim - Walkthrough


Ys: The Ark of Napishtim (PSP)
Ys The Ark of Napishtim, Playstation Portable

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