Friday, November 17, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite adds MP3 playback

Nintendo DS Lite adds MP3 playback
Playing catchup with Sony's PSP
Matt Chapman, 17 Nov 2006

Nintendo has finally added an MP3 player to its handheld DS Lite console, although the software update will cost UK users £20.
This is in stark contrast to Sony's rival PlayStation Portable (PSP) system, which includes MP3 playback as standard.
The Nintendo system also falls down against the PSP when it comes to adding files to the console.
MP3 files are added to an SD card using a PC, but users will need to purchase a card reader and SD memory card separately.
The PSP connects to a computer using USB and, although users still need to buy an memory card, files can be dropped straight on to the console.
Nintendo's UK press relations firm refused to comment on the pricing, maintaining that this was the only information they had received from the US.
The Nintendo MP3 Player software will be available across Europe on 8 December. As well as playing MP3s on the DS Lite, it also works with the Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Micro.

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