Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Apple might make foray into gaming

Apple might make foray into gaming
from Game Addicts by Edwin
When both the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS were released a couple of years ago, most people thought that the former would trample all over the latter since the PSP boasts vastly superior hardware, amazing graphics, and various multimedia capabilities whereas the dual screened DS could just…well, play games. Things have turned out totally different with the DS trouncing the PSP in terms of hardware sales and even more when it comes to software. Since then, Sony has distanced itself from the DS, ensuring that potential customers see the PSP as an all rounder portable media player that plays games. Unfortunately, the iPod is also another portable media player that comes with some simple games, and word on the street is Apple might want to make an attempt at the mobile gaming market which has seen all competitors swept aside by Nintendo ever since the first Game Boy was released in 1989.

Since the iPod has successfully usurped Sony’s position in the world of portable music players, Apple thinks it will have an equally good chance at causing a stir in the mobile gaming market as well. Since video games are already readily available for the iPod via the iTunes store, that possibility is not exactly a pipe dream as the infrastructure to take off on a huge scale is already in place.
I think Apple does have a few issues to contend against before they can truly make a mark in the gaming scene. Firstly, the current iPod’s display is just way to small to carry out any serious gaming decently, and using the Click Wheel as a control scheme will just not do. Maybe this will change with the release of the rumored widescreen video iPod, but that still doesn’t answer the question regarding controls. Would a new Apple iPod with more serious gaming capabilities be a threat to Sony’s floundering PSP?
Source: PSP Fanboy

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