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Play Guitar on Nintendo DS

Play Guitar on Nintendo DS
Stranger things have happened...
8 Nov 2006
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OK, so not on this exact guitar - it's SPOnG's, get your own.
The rock and rollocking success of Red Octane's Guitar Hero game
seems to have inspired the guys at Plato studio over in Japan to try to
recreate the rock and roll experience for Nintendo's handheld.

Plato, the team behind the hugely successful English language teaching
software for DS, is developing the handheld guitar game, called Hiite
Utaeru DS Guitar M-06.

According to reports on 1UP, "The game allows anyone to strum out a
few pleasant sounds, while proper guitar players can also feel at home
with the ability to control the sound like a real guitar. 120 chords
are built in, with three plucking variations of each. These are
navigated with the d-pad, while the pen is brushed across the touch
screen to strum."

Plato claims to have demonstrated the game to professional guitarists
who have reacted favourably, particularly liking the fact that the DS
guitar-simulator could be carried around in a pocket.

Hiite Utaeru DS Guitar M-06 goes on sale in Japan at the end of

SPOnG will be looking to get more information on this intriguing little
title, along with details of any plans for a US/European release in

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