Thursday, January 11, 2007

PSP DocMaker GUI v0.21 Windows and Linux Versions


New release from the nameless:

- Auto Convert Files to the correct format and size
- Image Support for *.png;*.gif;*.cur;*.pcx;* .ani;*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.bmp;* .ico;*.emf;*.wmf
- Text Support for *.txt
- Preview
- Easy GUI
- No page limit anymore!
- Compression level selectable
- Support for .pdf, .doc
- Add option: Split big images
- Small picture: Let user choose resize or not
How to create document files?
- Open PSPDocMaker
- Click on Select Files
- Mark File(s) and click on Open (Multi select is enabeld)
- (Enter the Game Code of the game) <- I've tested SCUS99999 and it works on a game with another code, maye it works on all games
- If you have added the file(s) you wan't click on Create
- Wait
- Select the dolder where your game is located
- Click on Save
- Done!
- Compression level selectable
- Default folders selectable
- Don't writing to the application folder anymore
- No page limit (Thanks to Dark_Alex )
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via the nameless

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Source: PSP DocMaker GUI v0.21 Windows and Linux Versions
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